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I use FL Studio and I love all the Voxengo Plugins :) !  At the moment "Sobor" is my go to reverb!  Thanks!

I've just bought CTRIV Reverb 2.

Absolutely excellent sound! - very lush and very spacious and just what I was looking for, highly recommended - I've not heard anything quite like it.

It could do with a pre-delay control, and maybe a width control, but you can achieve that by using this with other plugins on a bus - maybe that's coming in CTRIV reverb 3? :D

Dave Rich

The CRTIV Reverb 2 delivers the highest and warmest quality reverb I have ever used.  I have a bunch of vintage rack mounted reverb effects and after using this for live performances on Jamkazam, I don't reminisce anymore.  There are multiple settings which profoundly change the effect with a simple logical interface.  I have been using it for my trumpet playing and I get constant positive remarks on my tone and reverb.  Thanks!

Frank Visconti