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Voxengo is happy to announce the launch of a new sampling product line which extends the product offer of Voxengo brand beyond pro audio plug-in software.

Voxengo AcuDrums is a professional sound sample library that captures acoustical sound of various drum and cymbal instruments.  The main idea behind AcuDrums library is to capture a maximally pristine and unprocessed contemporary drum kit sound.  Library as a whole contains more than 8000 WAV files and takes more than 6 GB of disk space.  Instruments of this library have multiple velocity layers with each velocity layer having 5 sample variations reducing the “machine gun” effect greatly.

Samples for Voxengo AcuDrums were recorded in Voxengo recording studio which has a deep, warm and diffuse sound with less than 200 milliseconds reverb time making it an excellent room for recording “dry”, maximally clear-sounding samples that are great for a further reverb processing.

The microphone placement that was used for sample recording reproduces a 3-dimensional sound stage.  For example, the cymbal samples of this library while sounding “in your face” at high velocities sound airy and spacious at low velocities.  Instruments of the library when combined together as a kit have a good spatial separation and placement: they will sound like they were placed on a sound stage, not like they are coming from the same position in space.

It is also important to note that during sampling the instruments were played by an experienced drummer making the recorded samples sound maximally close to how they would sound in an actual drumming performance.

AcuDrums library features:

  • Up to 16 velocity layers per instrument
  • 5 sample variations per velocity layer
  • Several stick and beater types
  • Several zones per instrument
  • Prolonged decay
  • Hundreds of samples per instrument
  • 44100 Hz 16-bit stereo samples
  • Stored in plain WAV sample files

Compatibility: Samples and instrument files of this library are compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 and 4 (Kontakt Player is supported in demo mode only) and Cakewalk Session Drummer 2 and 3.  NKI and SFZ instrument files of this library can be additionally loaded in various compatible samplers.  Individual WAV files can be loaded in most samplers.

Samples of individual instruments can be purchased separately or in custom bundles (a discount may apply), with the prices currently ranging from USD 12.95 to USD 19.95 per instrument.  Samples can be auditioned and purchased at the Voxengo web site:

Hi.  Does each NKI instrument (like snare drum for example) has separate volume control for OH, Room, direct mic like you offer at your custom drum tracks recording service or it's just flat stereo files?

Thanks a bunch.

These are flat stereo files.

I love the new construction kit.  The quality of the sound is superb! i've already made some great sounding tracks with it.

A question: Why are there 5 different folders for each type of hit?  What is the purpose for having '5 sample variations per velocity layer'?  The hard and soft hits sound fairly identical.

A comment: while the other cymbals work up to nice hard 'Rock' hits in their 'Edge' folders, the Ride Cymbal doesn't.  It's hardest hit is comparitively light.  I could use some harder hits on the Ride.

When you are using NKI or SFZ files directly, the sample variations are used for enlivening the MIDI track - every time a note is played, a different variation is used.  Of course, they sound nearly identical - but still they have a bit of variation to them.

The 20-inch rock ride cymbal presented can't have hard edge hits - it's very heavy.  However, the usual ride and bell hits sound excellent in my opinion - totally classic-sounding.

Ahh, thanks.  I'm using them as WAVs in Acid so I wasn't aware of the need for MIDI variations.

As for the ride, it does sound excellent.  Better than any of my other construction kits by far.  But as I mostly do loud rock tracks, I still wish it had some heavier hits.


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