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Drum and Cymbal Samples

AcuDrums User Guide (PDF): English, Deutsch

Voxengo AcuDrums - a library of high-quality samples of acoustic drum and cymbal instruments, recorded at Voxengo recording studio.  Samples are stored in plain WAV format, with MIDI drum instrument files available in NKI (Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5/4+; Kontakt Player in demo mode only - it times out) and SFZ (Cakewalk Session Drummer 2 and 3) formats.

This acoustic drum sample library as a whole contains more than 17000 WAV files, more than 110 instrument files and takes more than 11 GB of disk space.  Instruments of this library can be purchased separately or in custom bundles (a discount will apply).

The NKI instrument files of this library can be loaded in Kontakt together in a desired combination thus allowing you to build a kit of your likening "on the fly", and save it as the "multi" for a later recall.  Each instrument is mapped to its usual drum MIDI notes, and can be easily remapped via drag'n'drop in Kontakt's "mapping editor" in case of an overlap.  NKI files were created with Translator.

(the end-user license agreement is presented in the user guide)

Example rendered MIDI tracks (Groove Monkee MIDI loops from Cakewalk Sonar Content):

AcuDrums - Hickory Sticks - Dry, AcuDrums - Birch Rutes - Dry,

AcuDrums - Hickory Sticks - Reverb, AcuDrums - Hickory Sticks and Plastic Rutes on Ride - Reverb

Snare Drums


Snare Drum 1365 PL-RF-A

13-inch (6.5-inch deep) multi-ply multi-wood snare drum with a soft melodic sound. 

Snare Drum 1450 LW-BB6-A

14-inch (5-inch deep) nickel-plated brass snare drum with a cutting-through light sound. 

Snare Drum 1455 PL-KOA-A

14-inch (5.5-inch deep) koa wood snare drum with a dry thin sound. 

Snare Drum 1465 BR-TBB-A

14-inch (6.5-inch deep) Tasmanian blackwood block snare drum with a deep round sound. 

Snare Drum 1465 PL-MMP-A

14-inch (6.5-inch deep) 6-ply maple snare drum with a smooth wooden resonance sound. 

Snare Drum 1465 PL-RSS-A

14-inch (6.5-inch deep) steel snare drum with a massive punchy sound. 

Bass Drums and Toms


Bass Drum 22 PL-MMP-A

22-inch 6-ply maple bass drum with a warm punchy sub-bass reinforced sound. 

Bass Drum 22 PL-MMP-B

22-inch 6-ply maple bass drum with a warm clicky sound. 

Tom Drums PL-MMP-A

Set of 10-, 12- and 14-inch 6-ply maple tom drums that have a warm round sound. 

High Hats


High Hat 13 SB-HH-F

13-inch vintage dry high hat. 

High Hat 14 SB-HH-R

14-inch dark vintage sounding high hat. 

Crash and Ride Cymbals


Crash Cymbal 16 SB-HH-U

16-inch crash cymbal with a smooth vintage splashy sound. 

Crash Cymbal 17 SB-HH-D

17-inch crash cymbal with a dark vintage sound. 

Crash Cymbal 18 SB-HH-M

18-inch crash cymbal with a medium dark vintage sound. 

Crash Cymbal 19 SB-HHX-X

19-inch crash cymbal with a big dark rough sound. 

Ride Cymbal 20 SB-HH-R

20-inch rock ride cymbal, with a dark vintage, pronounced "iron" sound. 

Ride Cymbal 22 SB-ART-M

22-inch ride cymbal, with a damped smoky sound character. 

China and Splash Cymbals


China Cymbal 18 SB-APX-M

18-inch china cymbal with a cutting-through crisp sound. 

Splash Cymbal 10 SB-HH-U

10-inch splash cymbal with a vintage boomy sound.