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Voxengo User Survey

Please take a moment to answer the following questions.  Your answers are kept confidential and are used by Voxengo staff internally to improve the quality of the software.

Which Voxengo plug-in interface size you are usually using?
How often do you use a MIDI controller surface (with knobs or faders) to control audio effect plug-ins via automation or via plug-in's built-in MIDI CC/learn function?
Have you ever witnessed your audio application's crash, hangup or audio feedback/overload most probably caused by Voxengo plug-in?
Host application's and plug-in's name and version (if crashed):
What is your favorite Voxengo plug-in color scheme?
How often do you use side-chaining (ducking) in compressors (if such feature is available)?
Do you prefer linear-phase equalizers/crossovers to conventional (analog, minimum-phase) ones, when both options are available in an audio plug-in?