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Voxengo Voxformer

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This plugin simply gets some of the most use in my studio.  It's always my first go-to for any vocal track.  I have a number of other expensive plugins including some pretty elaborate vocal channel strip plugs, and though I can definitely get great sounds from them this plug just always sounds "right".  Everything is there to adjust quickly and the results are always great.  Thanks for making another great product!
Eric Matlock - Producer/Engineer Slowrain Studios in Truckee, Ca

Voxformer is my first call channel strip for vocals.  I use a MOTU 828 MKII as the pre-amp stage for a Rode NT-1A and route it through Creamware Scope via ADAT into Cubase SX3 or Sonar 4PE and Antares Mic-Modeler.  I generally create a preset for each vocalist and call that up for recording.
I cannot tell you how amazing this sounds.  It sounds better than the UA-LA, Avalon and Focusrite hardware.  Hard to beleive but the recordings are the proof.  Amazingly, it does this for a ridiculously low price point by comparison.  I have been skeptical that plug-ins could sound so great, but the proof is that the hardware sits on the shelf and when clients come in all I have to do is load up their presets and we're ready to go in a flash.  I have also used Voxformer and Mic-Modeler to match recordings done in other studios with high end hardware.  While this takes a bit of time it is amazing that a convincing match can be done with the software only.
Ron Benvenisti

Hi Voxengo folks!  I just wanted to say thanks for the free stuff.  I've been using your EssEQ, TubeAmp, TempoDelay (LOVE this one), and StereoTouch for a while now.  I'm a VST 'hobbyist' who plays with this stuff for fun when I get a bit of spare time, but I'll never make any money from my 'tracks', I just enjoy playing for fun.  Because of the free tools from people like you, I've been able to learn about things I always thought would be out of my reach - like mastering, synth programming, etc.  I love all of this knowledge, and the ability to use my computer for stuff like this, and again, it's thanks to the amazing talent and generosity of people like you!  I wouldn't be able to get involved in this world and learn this stuff if I had to pay for the commercial products, because I can't afford them and it's not a priority to me.  Anyway, this is becoming a long message!  I just wanted to say a big 'thanks', you have honestly played a part in changing my world.
Mike McGrath 'Laserguided' - Ottawa, Canada


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