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Voxengo Voxformer

User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
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The new Voxformer 2.0 has so many features at such a great price.  I've been looking for a quality equalizer/deesser, and all the ones that compared with Voxformer were easily $200 or more.  Best thing is, I can now use this as a general channel strip with the new dual attack/release variable compressors.  It really cuts down on the amount of plugins I have to run.
J.X.D Music Lab -

As a very busy recording vocalist, I have the lucky ability to personally adjust my mix in the studio before handing it all over to the engineer.  I have found that I literally depend upon Voxformer for all my sessions these days, and simply wouldn't feel confident in my final mixes without it.  The professional quality and precise results I'm after are superb.

*Now, if I could just get Voxengo to add a nice simple little chorus module for it I would be in heaven!

Thanks Voxengo!
Alex James

After purchasing your mixing and mastering tools, and others.  My product has improved significantly.  I was having trouble getting airplay before because of sonic reasons.  As stated in previous correspondence if has been a financial hardship but the rewards are starting to pay off, perhaps because I own them I have a little more pride in my work.  After a couple more purchases I will be using Voxengo exclusively.
Tyler Patterson


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