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Voxengo SPAN

User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
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When mixing and mastering your ears are the most important reference about musical appeal, but in the domain of the sound quality they aren't enough!  You need a good sounding room, two pair of accurate monitors and a reliable spectrum analyzer.
My chioce about the spectrum analyzer is Voxengo's SPAN for many reasons:
- very low CPU usage
- very fast information refresh
- clear and relaxing display
- only useful controls provided
- and most important: Voxengo's great experience about mastering tools

Oh, I forgot to say that It's free too.
Gio R - freelance music producer

real superb analisator! fast, precise, flexible,... and, come on, itz FREE, baby (amazingly!) and I think I love you Voxengo ))))
kAtode(anoDe antipoDe) electronic musician

It is very hard to find something bad to say about your plugs.  You have helped me make giant leaps in terms of mastering.  As you know, I own most of your plugins and will continue to do so.
Patrick de Caumette

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