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Voxengo Transmodder - User Reviews

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I'm using Voxengo products from some hours but I'm already familiar with them getting back great sounds and extraordinary response!  All controls are complete and intuitive, presets can help you to start immediately.  You can handle your audio material how your mind wants and your heart feel.  You will obtain amazing results forging your tracks as you desire.  Definitely, Voxengo audio tools are essential to my studio setup!
Mistheria - Keyboard player, composer, arranger - Italy

Transmodder is one of those tools in audio recording that takes more than a bit of effort to get a grip on.  But man, there is some serious power in understanding how to use this plug-in.  I almost hope no one else figures it out so my mixes will sound that much better than theirs lol.
Jim Holland (SeaweedMusic)

This Plug in is great !!  Really helps to clear up some tracks, giving them more definition in the mix.

For 2 track purposes is just genious!


Reuven Amiel

Finally!  Thank you!  I've remixed or remastered allot of music recently using a varity of Voxengo products and the difference is amazing.  The plugins are well designed.  From TV commercials to Fantsatic 4 trailers to Christian music to Rap - these plugins give me the sound i hear in my head.


Winston Philip @