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Greetings from Australia!

In the last couple of days I upgraded my Elephant to v.5 after not having used it for sometime.  It absolutely 'blew me away', I'd totally forgotten how good it is.

I'm using it on my drum buss and stereo buss in Cubase 12 Pro, it really kicks ass(!) and has an amazing set of options and clarity if that's what is needed in any given project.

I also use MSED, Crunchessor, Varisaturator, Span and Transgainer with very pleasing results.

In my opinion Voxengos tools are right at the top with the best, and often better than the very expensive ones.

I'd say money spent on Voxengo products is money well spend, thank you, Aleksey. :)

Mauri Berg

Makes the tricky simple.  And makes the simple easy!

Thanks for this excellent free tool!  I've used it for many years on every project, it is easy to use and does the job as well as any other m/s tool, commercial ones included.

So, many thanks for your generosity :)!


Mauri Berg

Great professional encoder and decoder for free!  Very clean and transperant sound, very useful!  Hi quality and natural sound from Voxengo as always! :-)
Julian Janev - mixing and mastering engineer

I would like to add that your free plugins are among the most useful in the world.  I regularly use MSED, SoundDelay, and others.  Just want to show my deep appreciation for your generosity.  These are not gimmicky plugins.  They are stalwart workhorses in my toolbox. ...and they sound vastly superior to Logic's plugins of similar purpose.
M Olsen

Might be the free (and even among the paid!) M/S utility tool out there.  You can quickly correct your mix in an essential way by adjusting mid (sum) and side (difference) volume or just use it on individual tracks and pan the mid and sides anywhere in the stereo field for sound design.  The meters are incredible helpful as well.  This is a must-have for every mixing engineer unless already having something similar (which will be hard to find).

Feature wish: The correlometer is great for seeing the balance between mid and side, but in some situations it could be better if you additionally got individual peak volume meters for both, the mid and side.  If there will even be an update to MSED, it would be great if Voxengo could consider this.

Would it make an even more outstanding plugin than it already is.

Thank you very much for that helpful mixing tool.

Robert Schulz

No project is complete without this plugin!  It is insanely convenient, gives an accurate display of the stereo field and does not load the computer processor.  Thank you!  Regards, Team Arefyev Studio

I use MSED frequently in the inline mode for correcting live stereo recordings that need more center image definition.  My only wish is for a gain compensation control so I can compare my mid and side balance without an overall volume change.
Garrett Robinson

Great little tool.

It is very handy and I use it a lot, as I almost always use a MS-setup in addition to close-ups in order to get a true ambience.

In my setups, it is also extremely powerfull to use the 'Sound Delay' Voxengo plugin for the close-up channels and thereby get the MSED output in perfect time/phase sync to these, but that is another story..

Thomas Steen

Hello Voxengo!

Just wanted to chime in and say how much I'm enjoying your products.  I'm using LF Max, Transgainer, and your MS plug.  I'm a sound designer for feature films and video games, and I simply cannot believe the value and quality of your software.  It's unreal!

It would be much harder to do a good job without your stuff.  Big beefy sounds!

Thanks again,

Stuart Provine