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When Aleksey says the product will 'do this and that thing' to the source material, it's easy to trust those words.

As it says on the overview of Deft Compressor:

"The characteristic feature of this compressor is its ability to produce “slim” and “slick” sounding compression, with intelligibility enhancement effect."

That is exactly what you're gonna get with this.  It's amazingly transparent in the way it handles audio.  My first time properly using it with a vocal, it didn't audibly squash the loud parts.  It just gives you the character of the source you give it, but more even, and more slim and slick, and more intelligible.  I know that's what the product overview said, but I have no better way to describe what it does.


The Voxengo Suite has absolutely made music production and mixing more fun, efficient and creative.  The workflow and visualization of PrimeEQ has made it my go-to Parametric EQ and the sound is pristine.  Crunchessor, Marquis compressor and Deft Compressor are some of the smoothest and most flexible software compressors.  They all have such a wide "sweet spot" and it is hard to make them sound bad, allowing you to focus on creative decisions.  On the mixbus, polysquasher and soniformer are the only compressors I have tried that consistently provide truly transparent compression regardless of the material, while CurveEQ can effortlessly shape a full mix with complete transparency.  Finally Elephant delivers energy, smoothness and loudness like no other limiter, beating out everything else in my toolkit.  Its tweakability makes it suitable for any material.  The entire Voxengo suite of plugins really have something special going on.  No hype, just top level DSP, top level design and top level sound.
Jonathan Lee - Artist, Producer, Engineer