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Voxengo Soniformer

User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch
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User Reviews

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Well I wanted to buy the new Marquis Compressor but since my PayPal account couldn't cope with the VAT payment I tried out some of your other plug-ins.  And Soniformer did it for me.  The fun thing though is that the thing I love most about it is the StereoWidth Control - I can now narrow down my kick drums and bassline and have wideopen space in the high end at the same time.  An awesome tool.
Alex 'Mully' Volmer

Saved my butt more than a few times.
John Scrip - MASSIVE Mastering (Chicago, IL)

I am so thankful for the tools that you have made.  I am able to achieve control over sound that is simply impossible with "two-knob plugins." They certainly have their place, but I prefer to understand the character of different flavors of sound and mix/transform music with conscious intention, just as songwriters do so when creating their work initially.  Your tools enable me to express what I see/hear in my mind's eye/ ear.
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