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In a market bloated with 'emulations' of classic gear, it's rare to find juicy sounding plugins that capture the best qualities of 'classic', offer some flexibility and don't break the bank.  In the universe of more tweakable plugins, here too only a few offerings stand out.

After years of working with hundreds of plugins from numerous companies, I've found only a handful of offerings that keep me coming back.  One of those companies that still hold a top spot is Voxengo.  Their plugins are 'analog' without being slavishly limited to a given hardware model; flexible but not overloaded with 'feature bloat'; affordable without sacrificing sound quality; and have excellent & consistent GUIs to work with.  A winning combination.

There is definitely a place for well designed emulations of classic gear, but when you require some flexibility and/or modernity, Voxengo is great choice.  Their uniform GUIs also promote actually listening to the music!

Voxengo also has an easy robust activation system (no dongles), exceptional reliability (I've never had a Voxengo plugin crash my DAW in 14 years) and full 64 bit floating point processing*.

George Piazza - Fly Mastering, Tomb of the Mysteries, Royal Falcon Service

As a home studio owner I have a very limited budget when it comes to my DAW.  I use the Kristal Audio Engine as my main DAW along with Sound Forge 6 for mastering.  A few months back I got in a "pickle"......I had recorded an entire CD worth of music using another DAW.  When I tried to load it into KAE it sounded like the band was on speed!  I needed 48k but everything was recorded at 41k.  A fellow KAE user (THANKS DOUG!) turned me on to the r8Brain converter, and I have to say it was a God send!  Easy to use, small and quick, even on my P3 700mHz system with 640mb of ram.  The conversion went well, and sounded great, clear and clean with no artifacts at all...wow!  How can you folks put out one of the best pieces of software I have ever used for free?  You can bet that as my studio makes a few more bucks some of it is coming your way!  THANK YOU!

Dear Aleksey, Our company Online-mastering.com is equipped with the best in analog and digital audio gear.  Your plug-ins are a wonderful addtion to our arsenal of tools.  They are well engineered and what's more important - They sound very good.  A lot of software with ten times the price will sometimes be surpassed by your cool developments.  Good work.  Thanks Voxengo!
Alex Zwarg, Mastering Engineer, Online-mastering
Luis Berrios (LB-Mastering Studios)
Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Producer (Virginia Beach, VA, USA)
Marc Anthony, Jerry Rivera, 123 Con Andres
I’ve had so much fun working with the Voxengo plugins that I will continue using them on my future mastering and mixing projects.  Whether is for enhancing or corrective, their versatility allows me to work efficiently, project after project.
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