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R8brain is the best rate converter I tried.  I found other professional programs always change sound, even making 44100 from 48000. r8brain - doesn't.  It saves the sound, harmonics, dymanics, even converting 96000 to 44100 the result we get is very close to original.  R8brain is just perfect, this tool is a must-have for any home and project studio.  And also it is free!

I have been really impressed with the sound quality results using this sample rate converter.  Downsampling from 192/24 to 44/16 has given high quality results in terms of subjective listening, and I have also used it for upsampling 44/16 to 48/16 with excellent results. (I always use the highest quality setting.) If you really care about the audio quality of digital music and are using high quality files, I recommend using this converter.  I have tested it against most of the other well known options and I find it subjectively the best for resampling music.
Julie Lawrence

I thought I'd drop you a note just to say that I have no negative issues with the plugins.  I like using all the ones I have and love the sound.  I find them easy to use and understand.  The pricing seems very fair to me as well.  I also wanted to especially note the look of the plugs.  I prefer the straight forward layouts as opposed to very elaborate GUI's or emulations of "vintage" looking devices.
Garry Wasyliw
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