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Voxengo r8brain

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I recently had a whole bunch of files sent over to a studio in London from France at 24bit 48k and i really needed them at 24bit 44.1k for additional instrumentation..I use Mac and PCs..I searched the internet and only found 2 effective products: r8brain and Barbabatch.  I found Barbabatch was overloaded with unnecessary features to try and justify its expense. r8brain was FREE and sounds AS GOOD as Barbabatch and way better than the internal conversion on Logic.  I am writing this while my files are batch converting...thanks!
Diamond Duggal - record producer Shania Twain, Pras, Apache Indian, Swami

The resampling sounds absolutely great !

Even with drastic downsampling, it is still punchy and bright !

Your product is near to be perfect....the only missing thing is the pipe option (stdin/out -)

Thank you very much !

Heep, with his bad english...

I just bought this plugin, and have to say it's absolutely brilliant!

For years now, I have been using some plugins that came with my DAW, which I had become accustomed to.  I have always struggled to get my mixes to sound sufficiently loud without making them sound squashed.

As soon as I tried Elephant for the first time, I could hear the difference that this plugin could make to my work.  Elephant is truly amazing - it is incredibly transparent, and the metering and graphing options come in very handy too.

Thanks so much for such a great product!  I'd recommend Voxengo Elephant to anyone who needs super high quality buss compression.

hakimila (posted on Elephant forum)
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