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Voxengo Pristine Space

Convolution Processor

User's Manual: English
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Features & Compatibility

User Testimonials
Up to 8 convolution channels
Loading of up to 8 impulse files
Non-destructive impulse editing
Linear-phase impulse equalizer
Several latency options
Comprehensive routing
Serial convolution processing
WAV and AIFF format support
Multi-channel file support
Built-in sample rate converter
Factory presets
True zero-latency processing
Variable processing latency
"A-to-B" comparisons
Support of all output sample rates
Low quality mode for CPU cycles saving
High convolution precision
SSE/SSE2 and 3DNow! optimizations

Demo limitations

Processing output is muted for a moment every 25 seconds.

(Demo version is authorized with a product key, which is a text string - no challenge/response nor dongle required)


This audio plug-in can be loaded in any audio host application that conforms to the VST plugin specification.

This plug-in is compatible with Windows XP computers (2 GHz dual-core or faster processor with at least 1 GB of system RAM recommended).  Note that this plug-in may not work correctly on the latest Windows versions that expose more than 2 GB of available memory to the audio host application.  Otherwise it is suggested to run this plug-in by bridging (for example, by using jBridge).  Also note that this plug-in may not work correctly with some 64-bit audio host applications via bridging.

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Compatibility Information

Compatible Windows and Mac OS pluginable software: REAPER, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, ProTools, OBS, FL Studio, Presonus Studio One, Bitwig Studio, Cakewalk, Nuendo, WaveLab, GarageBand, Vegas, SoundForge, Audition, Samplitude, Digital Performer, Mixcraft, Edius, others.  Note that for Logic Pro you should download the AU, AAX package, and not VST.