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It is very hard to find something bad to say about your plugs.  You have helped me make giant leaps in terms of mastering.  As you know, I own most of your plugins and will continue to do so.
Patrick de Caumette

Hi Voxengo folks!  I just wanted to say thanks for the free stuff.  I've been using your EssEQ, TubeAmp, TempoDelay (LOVE this one), and StereoTouch for a while now.  I'm a VST 'hobbyist' who plays with this stuff for fun when I get a bit of spare time, but I'll never make any money from my 'tracks', I just enjoy playing for fun.  Because of the free tools from people like you, I've been able to learn about things I always thought would be out of my reach - like mastering, synth programming, etc.  I love all of this knowledge, and the ability to use my computer for stuff like this, and again, it's thanks to the amazing talent and generosity of people like you!  I wouldn't be able to get involved in this world and learn this stuff if I had to pay for the commercial products, because I can't afford them and it's not a priority to me.  Anyway, this is becoming a long message!  I just wanted to say a big 'thanks', you have honestly played a part in changing my world.
Mike McGrath 'Laserguided' - Ottawa, Canada

This last week, I upgraded one of my computers from Windows XP to Win7.  I did this by completely reformatting my partition, and installing everything from scratch.

When it came time to install and authorize all my Voxengo plugs, I was delighted to find something no regular user encounters on a day to day basis - that there is a means to authorize all my licensed Voxengos in a single action.  That is some very clever and very considerate programming, and greatly appreciated by someone faced with the tedious task of installing and authorizing dozens of programs and plugins.

Voxengo plugins are an integral part of my working process now, and just about everything I turn out has been touched in one way or another by your work.  Thanks very much for the great sound, and the little touches that are the product of great programming.

Frank Lockwood
Shreyas Srinivas
Producer, Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer (Mumbai, India)

The GlissEQ and SPAN Plus have been the two most powerful tools in my sessions.  They are on my master bus by default and give me great insight into how my various tracks interact with each other.  It’s all I need to go a little more surgical with overlaps and spillage and control.  The Mid - Side mode is just a blessing!

On the production side of things, I love using the Voxengo LF Max Punch on my bass drops which adds a touch of drive and brings out the oomph with great sustain and control.  Most importantly I love using it quite a bit when working on films and doing a 5.1 mix for some low end LFE goodness.  My subs need to pop as much as my highs need to shimmer and breathe.  The Voxengo Stereo Touch often goes on my mono synth leads and at times on my guitars where I automate the width based on the section of the song along with boosting and reducing some frequencies using the Voxengo HarmoniEQ.

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