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I've used/designed/studied limiters for years.  This is a remaining "black art" in audio.  Its easy to make a limiter to contain peak levels as long as you don't care how it smashes transients.  Its easy to design a limiter that pretty much preserves transients if you don't care about perceived loudness.  A limiter with "hot" output which still preserves the transients is unusual.  Elephant does this better than any limiter I've ever encountered at any price.  People are suspicious of low-priced products, usually for a good reason.  In this case, don't be.  Check this limiter out!  I don't know all the magic behind this one but its real.  Again, best limiter I've ever heard.
Bill Thompson, Ashly Audio Inc.

Hi! just droping by to say that the Elephant is a truly amazing limiter, I use the Slate FG mastering plugin for the clipping capabilities, but always put the Elephant after it for a truly finished, clean and loud master.  I've been using it for years, and I'm still re-discovering! great job!!!


Cristobal Tapia de Veer

It's pretty simple why Voxengo plugins are so good - Alexsey has a better ear compared to other developers.

His plugins sound so 'musical'.  I've used many other plugins that technically perform their designed function, yet somehow just don't sound good.

I now have a whole set of expensive plugins that are just taking up drive space.  They simply don't sound as good as thier Voxengo counterparts.

Mark Briody, guitarist for Jag Panzer (Century Media Records)
Iván Santos (SANTAFLOW)
Rapper, Composer, Producer (Madrid, Spain)

LF Max Punch is great for bass and drums when I want an extra power, a plugin to take into account in genres such as Hip Hop, but equally useful in some rock productions.

I love using harmonic distortion in a creative way and to give presence to essential elements of the mix, and VariSaturator is one of my favorites because of its great variety of possibility and at the same time easy to use" Always in my mixes.

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