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I've only been using Voxengo mastering plugins for a short time, and already they have become a core inclusion in all of my new projects and in many of my old ones.

I've been able to re-release clearer, brighter, smoother versions of tracks that I thought could never be lightened-up.

My listeners have already sent me glowing feedback about the quality and spacialization of my new and re-released mixes, since having incorporated Voxengo products.

I use almost the whole array of products in different combinations in different productions with fanastic results... though it's hard not to go overboard!

While some plugins are "too subtle to be heard", there's no question they modify the /feeling/ of the music; more solid, more smooth, and more enjoyable!

I plan to purchase the remaining pieces missing from my collection in the near future.

Thanks Voxengo, for sweet sounds and sweet deals.

CFX Music, Reston VA

I thought I'd drop you a note just to say that I have no negative issues with the plugins.  I like using all the ones I have and love the sound.  I find them easy to use and understand.  The pricing seems very fair to me as well.  I also wanted to especially note the look of the plugs.  I prefer the straight forward layouts as opposed to very elaborate GUI's or emulations of "vintage" looking devices.
Garry Wasyliw

I just bought this plugin, and have to say it's absolutely brilliant!

For years now, I have been using some plugins that came with my DAW, which I had become accustomed to.  I have always struggled to get my mixes to sound sufficiently loud without making them sound squashed.

As soon as I tried Elephant for the first time, I could hear the difference that this plugin could make to my work.  Elephant is truly amazing - it is incredibly transparent, and the metering and graphing options come in very handy too.

Thanks so much for such a great product!  I'd recommend Voxengo Elephant to anyone who needs super high quality buss compression.

hakimila (posted on Elephant forum)
Dan Suter (echochamber)
Mastering Engineer (Zurich, Switzerland)
Lo & Leduc, Bligg, DJ Bobo, Kool Savas

I have been Voxengo user for many years and appreciate the products very much.  I daily use the GlissEQ, SPAN Plus, Elephant and MSED in my mastering, other products like the Soniformer I use for particularly tough problems.  The great thing about the Voxengo products is the possibility to adjust them very precisely to your needs.

The GlissEQ is such a powerful plugin, if you take the effort to make some presets your starting point.  So, I usually use it 2 times on a mix, once for notching (often dynamic), once for m/s EQing.

The SPAN Plus is an excellent analyzer, which also allows a comparison before/after by several routing possibilities.  Elephant has been one of my favorites for years, because it can be adjusted very precisely and, in contrast to many other limiters, doesn't lose the bass so quickly and has less of a tendency to hardness than most of the competitors.  In addition, there is the stepless scalability of the GUI and the resource-saving programming, which scores unequalled.

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