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Just wishing Voxengo happy holidays.  Also I can not thank you enough for the free DLs, friends & clients are blown away from the quality of my mixes.  I am definately going to purchase all of the products I need from Voxengo in the future.  Happy holidays from Joe at Big Dummy Recording
Joe Renna Big Dummy Recording

I just want to say thank you for making amazing plugins.  All of your plugins sound great, are easy to use, and offer so many features providing ease of use, but also provide deep customization.  This is no small feat..especially coming from one person!

Thank you for your dedication to providing great sounding plugins.


You´ve got great plugins.  Smart, good looking, sophistique, clear to use, low CPU...etc. but first of all - they got unique style.  Dont´start "copy" any classic effects, tape machines, or just anything.  Just keep your own style and way to make plugins, there is so many copymakers in the business...

All the best for the New Year 2018!


Anthony Brantberg, Finland - Freshmaker Roots Music Mastering
Peter Mohamed (Noise Inc.)
Musician, Producer, Mix Engineer, and Sound Designer (Poland)
Sweet Noise, My Riot

I use TEOTE a lot.  I love the way it can add this last polish on the whole mix.  I tend to go for just a few bands..results are great.  It won’t mix for you but when you push into it and you know what you’re doing then it delivers great results.  It is also on my drum bus and vocal bus.  It gives me this feeling of stuff fitting right in the mix.

I love GlissEq to boost the roots notes in dynamic way.  It really helps to make elements stand out of the mix.

Voxengo makes powerful and very effective compressors I use Marquis Compressor and Elephant Limiter and the results are so powerful!  They grab the sound and can squash it if needed without destroying it.  They respect the source.  Not something a lot of software compressors do.

Powershaper is becoming one of my favourite saturation and overdrive units.  It sounds very organic.

Using a lot of Voxengo plugins makes you feel like working with tools created to be effective, great sounding and innovative in at least few aspects.  They have they own unique sound and always deliver top results.  After a while you learn to trust them and push the parameters to shape the sound you have in your head.

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