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Voxengo releases CurveEQ 1.6 plus a good freebie EQ! - Press Release

January 6, 2003: Just a quick release note here.  It is a great pleasure for us at Voxengo to announce a new version of CurveEQ - a fantastic linear-phase spline equalizer PC VST plug-in!  Now CurveEQ allows users to zoom to a desired frequency band for finer frequency response curve adjustments. "dB scale" can be also changed now.  The most important is that now CurveEQ uses industry standard LOG frequency scale.  This also allowed to considerably increase the quality of spectrum matching.

For more information, please, visit this URL:

Along with CurveEQ we are pleased to announce a new FREE graphic equalizer PC VST plug-in: Voxengo EssEQ VST!  This is a "fast and easy" digital linear-phase graphic equalizer delivering a very nicely-sounding equalization.  EssEQ has seven frequency bands suitable for any typical EQ work.  EssEQ is an essential equalizer suited for any fast frequency balance adjustments.  Check out EssEQ's factory presets to see how well it performs its work!  And again, it is FREE.