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Voxengo plug-in updates 08-aug-2007 - Press Release


Aug 8, 2007: Greetings!

We have applied a batch of updates to several commercial and free Voxengo plug-ins.  These updates mainly address a crash problem which could happen if user system was working with the /3GB switch enabled.  We hope that this problem is now gone in all updated plug-ins: if you still experience it with the updated or other Voxengo plug-ins please let us know.

Beside that Boogex now searches for missing impulse files in the folder where its DLL file resides (subfolders will be also scanned).  This can be useful if you have decided to keep your impulse files together with the Boogex DLL file, without folder dependence: now you do not need to re-select the impulses in the plug-in if you have decided to relocate the DLL and the impulses: Boogex will find them automatically.

In Voxformer an extreme level pop problem fixed that could appear with the enhancer module enabled.

For your information, we are in the process of finishing our internal plug-in production tools re-development that will allow us to release Mac OS X AudioUnit and VST plug-ins in the near future.  This re-development cycle (which already took us more than a year) is essential to us in the light of the latest PC and Mac scene rearrangements (Mac gains more and more users, Vista 64-bit is being widely distributed): it will allow us to update existing 'original' Voxengo plug-ins so that they work seamlessly in these new environments.  This is the reason for a long 'silent' period, without new releases from Voxengo.

Kind regards,

Aleksey Vaneev