Voxengo is looking for YouTubers - Press Release

July 26, 2020: Hello, dear Voxengo users!

Voxengo is looking for creative YouTubers that work in audio production field producing tutorial videos, in any genres that demonstrate use of audio plugins.  At least 5000 subscribers required.  Please contact us via info@voxengo.com.  This is not a usual work-for-hire: the YouTuber will retain all rights to their video.  We will provide an NFR product license, and make a reasonable monetary donation.  The video will be used by us as a standard embedded YouTube frame on our product pages, with the link to author's YouTube channel (so, this will also provide additional viewers to the author).

Professional video content creators may also contact us for work-for-hire arrangement, if the video content is to be hosted on our own YouTube channel.

With best regards,


Content creator