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Voxengo is looking for contacts to create distinguishable artist pages - Press Release


Sep 30, 2018: Hello, dear Voxengo users!  Due to recent marketing needs we are looking for connections with distinguishable artists, studios and engineers.  We would like to create artist pages where our website visitors can see and learn about professional users who use our plugins.  Frankly saying, we do not know who among distringuishable artists use our plugins, previously we rarely if ever disclosed any names.

The required information is your consent to make your provided information public on the Voxengo web site, high-resolution cover photo (it can be personal photo or studio photo), several sentences about Voxengo products you actually use and would like to promote under your name, the list of produced acts (it is important for the acts to be widely-known, e.g. via Billboard top chart, high YouTube view counts, production of ads for well-known brands, shows on popular TV networks, well-known videogames, etc.), your awards (including chart entries), your background information (people you worked with, what you worked on, your short history, biography, etc.), location, your roles in produced acts, your website name and URL.  The artist pages are managed by us manually and we can manage a limited number of pages, we do not offer a way to create them by anyone.  So, we do apply a certain degree of selection when deciding to create an artist page.

This is a two-way offer: we will promote you and you will promote us via artist page (you do not have to promote us via your channels).

If you are interested in such connection, please write to

Best regards,