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Voxengo Elephant VST 2.3 released - Press Release

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Mar 14, 2005: Version update 2.3 of Voxengo Elephant--a mastering limiter plug-in in PC VST format--is now available.  This version introduces a new limiter mode EL-3 which is based on the EL-2 mode.  This newer mode delivers a cleaner and a more 'round' sound and it also allows you to adjust limiter's release time.  A control (Shape) to adjust limiter's transient handling is also available.

You may also find an intermediate stereo linking strength selection in this version.  This allows you to get a less strict stereo-linked limiting, when necessary.

Please note that this version features a fully redesigned set of factory presets.

Voxengo Elephant features:

  • Transparent limiting action
  • 8 limiter modes
  • 7 speeds for various styles of music
  • Gain reduction VU meters
  • Noise-shaped bit-depth converter
  • RMS and peak RMS output counters
  • Automatic attack and release
  • DC removal filter
  • Up to 4x oversampling
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Factory presets
  • Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo-to-Stereo processing
  • Sample rates up to 96 kHz
  • 64-bit internal precision

Voxengo Elephant VST is available for a discounted price of USD 59.95 ($10 off the regular price) which will be effective for two weeks.  For more information and downloads please visit the Voxengo web site: