Sharing the final result of my PRVHASH research - Press Release

September 8, 2022: Hello, dear Voxengo users, this is Aleksey Vaneev talking.

As you may know, Elephant and some other Voxengo products since some time feature PRVHASH dithering noise generator invented by myself.  Recently, I've developed it so far that I've seemingly broke into some "backdoor" in mathematics itself.  The meaning of this finding is questionable, and I'm actually not pushing any specific meaning on anyone, but making my own personal conclusions (otherwise it's hard to know what to look for if one is unexperienced in these matters).  The finding, the program, and conclusions, and the looks of the "backdoor" are presented here:

I just wanted to share my astonishment and satisfaction with the results of this work that took much more of my time than I had wished for.  The PRVHASH itself is just a good white noise generator, so you do not have to worry about any other information its development has brought, it's not a miracle nor magic, but something pre-existent that only waited for a moment to be discovered.  Any comments and questions are welcome.

Kind regards,

Aleksey Vaneev.