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On the current geopolitical events, and more - Press Release

March 23, 2022: Dear Voxengo users,

I, Aleksey Vaneev, owner of Voxengo brand, would like to make several notes related to Voxengo as a whole, sensitive to you.  First of all, Voxengo brand was always a Russia-based business, so taxes I pay as an officially-registered entrepreneur go to Russia's budget, and are then used for all kinds of governmental spending: from social to military.  I may have my own views on the "special military operation" as it is called by Russian officials, but from tax-turnover point of view my ideas have little relevance.

If the imposed sanctions intensify, it is possible that Voxengo website may become down for a prolonged time if I will be unable to find a company that rents servers to Russia-based customers.  On plugin operation side, I would like to point out that Voxengo plugins are not tied to web-properties.  The website may be down, but plugins will continue to operate as usual.  It is suggested that you use the "Printable list" feature at the User area and save the opened page to a disk file (in Chrome, use right-click on the page, then "save as").  In this case you'll be able to copy&paste the product keys at any time you need.

On the "Featured Artists": in the current situation the artists featured on the Voxengo website may receive a domestic pressure.  If presence on the Voxengo website is problematic, I can remove the page upon request, with my complete understanding.  At the same time, I still accept artist applications, but it is preferred that an artist be a Voxengo customer and have Billboard charts presence (on any place); however, that is not always a requirement.

Also, as a human, I have infrequently-manifested mental health issues; I'm in a regular contact with local psychiatrists, for the past ten years.  Computer programming is a stressful work, and some programmers report or exhibit such issues as well.  Since it's quite common to treat people with mental issues as "generally-unstable", this is also a point for you to consider about Voxengo.

Voxengo has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so I can unconditionally refund any orders placed in the recent 30 days.

Kind regards,