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Native Tube Gear - Press Release

July 5, 2003: The latest news are...  You CAN have something pretty similar to a tube gear in the native DAW environment.  All you need now is to believe this.  Voxengo has brought you the newest plug-in of the kind called Lampthruster.  Now it is your time.  Unleash Lampthruster's power!  Get ready for the amazing journey to the world of Sound Character!

Voxengo Lampthruster allows you to sound like no one else.  You just plug it into master bus or into channel insert and you have a pretty Sonic Nirvana!  Everything sounds rock solid and smooth like silk.  Moreover, you have an endless number of sound treatment combinations to choose from.  Push it hard!

The other thing you benefit from directly is the built-in equalizer which sounds simply sexy.  Yes, like rusty analog gear does.

To make things easier for you, everything was packed into a robust PC VST plug-in with "all sample rates" support, zero latency and an eyes-easy GUI.  To make your choice simple the price was set to a very moderate amount.


  • 9 artistic pre-amp models
  • Built-in vintage equalizer
  • Factory presets
  • Mono -> Stereo, Stereo -> Stereo processing modes
  • All sample rates supported
  • Highly optimized DSP
  • 64-bit internal precision

For more information and downloads, please visit Voxengo website: