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Due to some business decisions we are stopping on-line sales of Pristine Space Light 2-channel convolution reverb.

Existing PS Light customers will still be getting user support.  And, more importantly, updated and bugfixed versions of PS Light will be available in the future.  So, the product is not discontinued - it is simply no longer on sale.

Here is the latest version download link:

Pristine Space Light VST 1.2, 02-sep-2005

The full Pristine Space version is still available.

Kind regards,

Aleksey Vaneev from Voxengo.

a sad decision. however, it's good to hear that the product is still supported and updated.  I hope that the day when you stop updating you make a good upgrade offer to the full version for existing light users.

since you seem to be streaming the gui design these days (curve eq update!) I suggest to remove the voxengo-logo also from the pristine space GUIs with the next update, and, more importantly: why not make all apps skinnable in the same way as now corve eq is: standard skin: GUI as it is, but the ability for the users to create own skin.

best, drjee

I am curious to know what does version 1.2 offer..

for the first time I see a download which I believe is a new download as it seems to be dated 2nd september 2005 but I see no information on what has been changed.



Upsetting - and makes one wonder why....

Hope it's not because the "big boys" are trying to stifle the competition ???

Is there any danger of PS full meeting the same fate ??

Aleksey - when PS full is used for stereo only, is the CPU usage comparable to PsLight ??

Why not just give PS Full to everybody who bought PSL, as a good will gesture, and drop PSL completely (would give you much less work keeping PSL updated)


Otherwise - please sort out an upgrade option asap.


PS Full and PS Light should be identical in CPU usage when configured for stereo.

I do not plan to offer upgrading immediately.  PS Light will be still supported and updated.  Nothing to worry about.

drjee, standard 'skinning' support is a planned future feature.

zvenx, v1.2 mainly offers fix to allow PS Light to work in WaveLab's montage

mode on mono tracks.

So is that "Pure space" wich ships with Sonar 5 actually PS light...

Ah... well spotted - just checked it out, and it does look like the same thing (almost) but re-skinned.

The name's a bit of a give-away !!

So that is what it is all about.

Nice one Aleksey.

I'm a Nuendo type of chap myself, but getting one of your tools included in a major is a great coup for you.

And will be great for your business too.

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

No comments here. :)

That is'nt so great for those of us who upgrade to Sonar 5 but already own pristine space,if indeed pristine space light is included in this upgrade version.We'll be only getting what we already have.but those who don't own it yet, i'm sure will be very happy.

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