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We at Voxengo are happy to announce that the Voxengo web site has been relaunched with a totally new server software aboard offering visitors a lot of new features.

New Voxengo Web Site Screenshot

First of all, Voxengo web site now features a new redesigned look and feel.  Beside viewing normal product pages you can now conveniently browse through product group pages where you can quickly find a product suitable for a specific audio processing application.

Secondly, Voxengo web page now offers a special user area where users can store product codes which are used to remind of available product updates.  This area also allows to restore product codes if they were lost at some point.  To build a better conscisousness among the potential customers existing Voxengo customers can place links to their homepages in the user area.  These links are then randomly shown on every page of the Voxengo web site.

Another set of improvements are: preset exchange and user testimonial entry.  Preset exchange allows customers to access presets created by other customers and share their own presets and preset banks.  User testimonial entry allows any visitor to submit product testimonial directed to all potential Voxengo product users and customers.  This allows people to make more conscious decisions about Voxengo products.

Among the planned features are: redesigned forum software, shopping cart support and impulse response catalog with free and commerical impulse responses available for purchase.  Shopping cart will make it possible for customers to build custom product bundles and get discount depending on the order volume.  We are also planning to offer 'permanent discounts' in our shopping cart system which should allow the most loyal customers to have up to 10% discount on every future order - on top of the possible bundle discount.

We are inviting everyone to visit Voxengo web site and sign up there.  Existing customers can sign up and submit product codes so that we can provide a better service to these customers.  Those who are interested in receiving Voxengo news can sign up and subscribe to the mailing list.

We are looking forward to working with all serious musicians, music and sound producers of the world!

Voxengo web site URL is

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