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Voxengo LF-Punch PC VST plug-in is an FX processor for music and sounds where low-frequency thump and punch are most welcome, and where distortion is applied specifically to bring the bass kicks to life.

LF-Punch is a pretty specific FX not suitable for everything, but we felt like there is a lack of such effects specially designed for serious contemporary music producers.

In the essence, LF-Punch is able to give you the elements of low-frequency FX usually associated with tape machines thus giving you a convenient tool to apply smooth punch to your tracks and sounds whenever you need it.

LF-Punch plug-in dynamically emphasizes selected center bass frequency, performs adjustable amount of phase-shifting and then applies smooth distortion.  Optional compression can then be applied to the resulting sound.  Note that LF-Punch first splits the broad-band signal into low- and high-frequency bands and applies FX to the lower band only.

This FX can be used with a wide range of program material: various drum tracks, bass tracks, contemporary music mixes: rap, trance, club music; even rock music can benefit from LF-Punch's low frequency adjustments.

Voxengo LF-Punch features:

  • FX center frequency control
  • Phase-shifting module
  • Variable distortion
  • Built-in compressor
  • FX monitoring switch
  • Two processing modes
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo-to-Stereo processing
  • All sample rates supported
  • Native assembler DSP code

Voxengo LF-Punch is currently available for the introductory price of US$39.95.  For more information and demo downloads please visit the Voxengo web site:

OK - I just picked up this one!  I can't use it till I finish moving into the new place but wanted to get the intro price !

Where's the forum for LF-Punch?  Over at the new web site?

LF-Punch forum will be added soon.

Hello, I am tying out the demo of Voxengo LF-Punch....  What would be the best settings for Sub Bass, Finger (Elec) Bass for R&B, Rap and Pop Music Commercially.  Do you have presets for this for is to sit well in the mix and Speakers, small or large.

Please let me know or email presets or suggestions ASAP!  This are the things I would use....  I have Wave Bundled software etc.  And Use Ren.  Bass, and Maxx bass for Kicks, Sub, 808 Kicks, and Electric Bass Sounds.  I like to fatten up weak kicks and Get the bass to sit right in the mix and play well out of small or large speaker play back systems.  Fatten up in the 40/50 hz range as well for weak Kiks and Bass sounds.

So any suggestions on your Product Plugins would be Greatly Appreciated.

I will leave feedback and or Purchase ASAP! :)


Aleksey Vaneev are you there, Genious! :) You are you know...  Very Talented :)


KP2005, I can't really suggest anything for instant use here.  Trying the factory presets is the easiest way.  If you want a couple of examples you could send me a sound clip to e-mail address - I will create a couple of presets when I have time.
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