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Pristine Space Light is a functionally-reduced version of Pristine Space 8-channel convolution processor audio plug-in.  The Light version offers basically the same functionality as can be found in Pristine Space except that it supports stereo convolution processing only meaning you cannot do multi-channel work or use more than 2-channel impulse responses.

By the way, Pristine Space Light can work with a latency as low as 64 samples (1.5 ms at 44.1kHz), making it possible to use it during tracking.

Pristine Space Light features:

  • Stereo convolution processing
  • Non-destructive impulse editing
  • Linear-phase impulse equalizer
  • Several latency options
  • Comprehensive routing
  • Serial convolution processing
  • WAV and AIFF format support
  • Built-in sample rate converter
  • True zero-latency processing
  • Search paths mechanism
  • Factory presets
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Support of all output sample rates
  • High convolution precision
  • SSE/SSE2 and 3DNow! optimizations

Introductory price for Pristine Space Light is currently set to USD 49.95.  However, please consider signing up for the group buy which will be active for two weeks.  If we receive 200 or more sign-ups during this time the introductory price may become even lower.  Voxengo web site:

hi, do you have a way of putting up a counter for the group buy?



also was trying out zero latency in Nuendo 3.

Got this error, which it said I should report to you:


I will check this out - thank you for the bug report.

I've fixed this issue: you may download v1.0.1 at

Aleksey, if we sign up for the group buy now, do we pay up-front?


Mark, no.  I will first collect sign-ups and then price will be set.

84 group buy sign-ups so far...


I tried the demo a few days ago, and seemed to be getting bad "denormal" problems on my P4.

(I haven't often seen this actually, but it looked exactly as I would expect a denorm problem to look - when the reverb had fully died away, a huge processor spike follows... inserting elephant in the previous slot, with dithering turned on, stopped it happening).

Surprised, though, that nobody else has seen this !!??

Tony, indeed, nobody so far reported denormal problems with Pristine Space.  But I will add additional (and light on CPU) countermeasures against this.  Thanks for noticing this problem.
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