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Voxengo is happy to release OVC-128, a massively-oversampled soft/hard clipping effect plug-in for professional music production applications, available in AAX, AudioUnit, VST and VST3 plug-in formats (including native 64-bit support), for macOS (v10.7 and later), and Windows computers.

Voxengo OVC-128 1.0 Screenshot

OVC-128 is a massively-oversampled soft/hard clipping effect plug-in for professional music production applications.  A common use for this plug-in is hard-clipping before the final peak limiter.  This is an effective approach in contemporary electronic music when loudness is boosted using a clipper plug-in while minor excessive peaks are absorbed by a final peak limiter that applies no additional gain itself.

Clipping the tracks via OVC-128 is practically similar to clipping using high-quality outboard analog gear.  At 44.1kHz source sample rate, the internal audio sample rate of OVC-128 is a whopping 5.6 MHz!

A perfect combination for contemporary electronic music production is OVC-128 followed by Voxengo Elephant mastering limiter in EL-C mode.  This combination produces both energy and smoothness.

Note that OVC-128 is a relatively CPU-demanding effect plug-in, it requires a higher-end processor for comfortable use.  Performing 128X-oversampled clipping on a single stereo track is computationally similar to performing simple clipping on 1000 tracks.

OVC-128 features:

  • 128X linear-phase oversampling
  • Clipping hardness control
  • Stereo processing
  • 64-bit floating point processing
  • Preset manager
  • Undo/redo history
  • A/B comparisons
  • Contextual hint messages
  • All sample rates support
  • 38 ms compensated processing latency

Introductory price of US$49.95 is now in effect until June, 25, 2019 (regular US$59.95).  OVC-128 is free for Voxengo Premium Membership owners.  Demo version of OVC-128 can be downloaded freely at the Voxengo web site:

Aleksey, I'd really like to see a gain-reduction meter for this.  It's almost impossible to to dial in a fixed amount of clipping (say, no more than -3dB worth over the course of a track) without it.

I assumed it is safer to do clipping by ear.

One technical problem of estimating gain reduction is that it requires quite a bit of CPU resources on top of clipping itself.

Only a few clippers have this feature, but it's very useful. at it's heart I would think it would involve little more than subtracting post-clip levels from pre-clip levels before makeup gain is applied.  Ears are important, but when dialing in clipping during the loudest section of the song it helps to have a confirmation that one is still within a safety zone of common convention that has proven useful in the past.  Additionally, a GR meter (with peak hold) is a debugging tool, highlighting possible brief issues that may deserve addressing at the mix level.

Yes, you are right, it would be a useful feature, but I had to weight-in CPU load associated with estimating the gain reduction, especially with soft-clipping functions: the CPU load may easily double as it requires division operation.

By the way, I have found a working solution to this issue, the next OVC-128 update will feature a gain reduction meter.

Bless your heart!  I look forward to it +100

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