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These days we are witnessing a true renaissance of convolution reverbs.  Processing power of personal computers has grown to the level where a convolution reverb plug-in running on a digital audio workstation (DAW) is no longer causing severe CPU overloads and audio dropouts.  That is why many companies working in the field of pro audio solutions started to offer various products based on convolution processing.

Voxengo also offers its own convolution processing product.  Pristine Space is a native PC VST plug-in which allows you to use convolution reverb impulses in your audio projects.

Pristine Space was mainly created for impulse reverb perfectionists: it does not implement various combo' approaches which try to save CPU cycles by creating a synthetic reverb tail instead of performing a full convolution.  Because such approaches in many cases give unsatisfactory results if you expect them to sound exactly like your original reverb impulse sounds, we have decided not to use them.  Instead, we have optimized to the maximum both the efficiency of convolution processing and the plug-in's latency.

Pristine Space is a 8-channel convolution processor.  Each channel is independent of the others, making it possible to use Pristine Space in various surround configurations.  It also allows the user to apply a true stereo' kind of processing, where each stereo channel uses its own reverb impulse (requiring 4 convolution channels in total).  Sound designers and the like may find Pristine Space's serial convolution processing feature (which allows one to process the sound with several impulses in sequence) useful.

While Pristine Space does not offer various radical impulse transformation features, it still offers several very useful envelope-driven non-destructive impulse editing options, including volume, stereo width, low-pass and high-pass filtering, and a linear-phase equalization.  You can also reverse, cut and time offset the loaded impulse file with ease, non-destructively.

Among the other interesting features of Pristine Space is its seamless integration with Voxengo's Impulse Modeler.  Impulse Modeler allows you to design your own spectacularly-sounding reverb impulses, and then use Pristine Space to instantly hear the adjustments you make to your design.

By the way, Pristine Space can work with a latency as low as 64 samples (1.5 ms at 44.1kHz), making it possible to use it during tracking.

Pristine Space features:

  • Up to 8 convolution channels
  • Loading of up to 8 impulses in WAV format
  • Non-destructive impulse editing
  • Linear-phase impulse equalizer
  • Several latency options
  • Comprehensive routing
  • Serial convolution processing
  • Factory presets
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Support of all output sample rates
  • Low quality mode for CPU cycles saving
  • High convolution precision
  • SSE/SSE2 and 3DNow! optimizations

Introductory price for Pristine Space is US$108.  A bundle consisting of Voxengo Pristine Space, Impulse Modeler and Voxengo Deconvolver is available for US$159.  For more information, downloads and high-quality sampled impulse reverbs, please visit the Voxengo web site:

My congratulations, Aleksey!


Thanks, Vitaly!


Can you give an example how to set PS/CubaseSX to get 8 audio inputs/outputs, please?  I am trying but can't get any reasult, so far.  Is it possible to run PS as 4 independent stereo processors?



Currently I have a CubaseSX 1.02 demo.  It allows me to use 5.1 config on Master stage.  So, I setup 6 in/6 out in Pristine and then insert Pristine as a Master FX and I have six channels there.

Unfortunately I don't have CubaseSX 2.0 since there seems to be no relevant download on Steinberg site.

Just installed 1.1a and changed to 6in/6out configuration, restarted.  Can't open PS at all.  It crashes CubaseSX 1.06.  I got a message:

Exception during "dispatchEffect": Access violation at address 00003579.  Read of address 00003579(14 0 0)

From your last post I understood that there is no way to run PS as multi stereo instances in CubaseSX, is it correct?  I mean, I can't run one PS instead of 4 SIR, right?  If so, can you consider (for future update) two different modes for PS 'multi' and 'surround'(existent one), if it is possible technically of cause.  The thing is most of us still mix in stereo and the possibility of using PS as multi instances would be very attractive.



So, PS 1.1a does not open at all?  Even from the second attempt?  Please, write to

Full multi-channel support and routing must be implemented in the host itself.  Pristine Space simply offers up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs.  It is up to host how to use these channels.

Please, download v1.1b:

A major bug has been fixed which caused 'mysterious' crashes.

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