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Dear Voxengo users,

During the summer months of July and August, 2016 we are offering 20% discount on all Voxengo purchases, including upgrades.  Moreover, by ordering two or more products together you will get an additional discount (subject to the discount schedule presented on the order page).


I love the Voxengo plugins that I own, and it is really time for me to update my mastering plug in Bundle that I purchased.  My question is, how come Voxengo doesn't have a you tube channel that discuss the proper way to use your plugins or demonstrates how the plugins will best meet our needs.

I am a purchaser of Product "W" and their YouTube channel has a video for every plugin they own as well as their web site.  This is the way to display your product to the user and potential user.  Also, it show the the consumer what great products are offered by Voxengo.


Use Cakewalk Sonar and make more music

Thank you for your suggestion.  YouTube videos is a thing we will definitely focus on in the future.
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