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We are happy to announce the launch of our custom drum track recording service.  With its help musicians and producers can order custom drum tracks for their songs.  The drum track will be played by an experienced drummer and recorded in our recording studio.

First of all, nothing in computer world can replace a real human drummer feel.  Secondly, a realistic drum sound cannot be reproduced by a drum sampler since a drum set "sounds" as a single complex acoustical instrument: this makes it impossible to recreate such sound by means of discrete sampled drum hits.  Thirdly, organizing drum recording on your own is usually expensive.

We are doing all this in our service, but since the process is streamlined the cost can be kept reasonably low.  Beside that we produce a finalized stereo drum mix which can be used instantly, with or without additional processing (e.g. equalizing, multi-band dynamics); individual drum tracks are also provided.

To get the feel of what one may expect from our service we have several free-form drumming examples at the Voxengo web site available for listening.  Previously completed custom drum tracks are also available for evaluation.

We produce any custom drum track in 5 days for a highly competitive price of USD 109.95 per song.

For more information and order placing please visit Voxengo web site's Custom Drum Track Recording Service:

What technique are you using for the overheads Aleksey?

Dandruff: What technique are you using for the overheads Aleksey?

It's ORTF, but with a bit different angle.

BTW, I've reworked service description a bit.  Now we are able to provide separate overhead, side and room microphone tracks (room mics is a new addition which wasn't available when we did our beta-testing).  Providing a finished stereo mix only wasn't such a great idea anyway.  But to make things simpler the tracks we provide can be mixed together straight at 0 dB gain level and that will resemble the stereo mix we provided before.  That's still easy for less experienced customers.

I will admit that being a less experienced customer has it starting point.... :) I have been used to following a drum machine, Now I'm in close counsel with my Manager an its just a 16 bar progression following a metronome. she is still being very graceful when drinking water an I have yet to submit rhythm piece to the studio....  Thanks for easy Engineering!  John J Krupinski
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