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Happy Xmas Aleksey !!

I know it's been a busy year for you with all the vst changes, 3gb problems etc.

Hopefully next year you can get selling new stuff again !!

Now, I already have : CurveEQ, Elephant, HarmoniEq, Impulse Moddeler, Marquis, Pristine Space, PSL, Soniformer, Voxformer & Warmifier...

.. & I don't need another EQ .. so there's nothing to interest me in the Xmas discount list.

I was hoping to see either AnalogueFluxSuite or Vintage Modulator on special offer !!

Any chance of a "Buy one Get One Free" !! ;)

Thanks!  Actually, offered discounts are more 'single purchase' geared ones.  When you buy two or more plug-ins at once, you get a discount as well.  I won't be offering discounts for other plug-ins this time.

Aleksey Vaneev: Sorry, I'm mistaken: PayPal options IS available now, via 2CheckOut.

Great!  I just bought Crunchessor and CurveEQ!

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