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Voxengo is now offering winter holiday discounts for several products.  These are: Marquis Compressor universal compressor, GlissEQ dynamic equalizer, Elephant mastering limiter, Voxformer vocal channel strip, Pristine Space 8-channel convolution plug-in, CurveEQ linear-phase mastering equalizer and Soniformer multi-band mastering compressor.

You can now purchase these products with 15-25% discount (offer ends on 31-dec-2006).  You may purchase these plug-ins individually, or as a bundle - in that case you can have a 20% discount on top of the winter holiday discount.

Voxengo wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey Aleksey,

thanks for the discount !  But i just discovered that your payment service no longer allows paypal :/ I got no credit card... no chance of re-including paypal ?



Unfortunately, PayPal payments are not available.  We have switched to 2CheckOut 6 months ago, which does not support PayPal payments while we can't offer PayPal payments oureselves since PayPal does not work with Russia-based businesses.

You could pay via bank transfer, but in that case you'll need to order products for $250.

When I try to buy Marquis, it doesn't show me any discount.  Am I missing something here?

Please visit Purchase page - there you can see how much discount is applied.  Regular Marquis price is $89.95 while discounted price (you see in the shopping cart) is $69.95.

I still had Marquis in my shopping cart from a previous visit.  I had to empty my cart and start over to see the discount.  Thanks!

Yes, this is correct - older items should be removed.  We will fix this shopping cart behaviour in the future.

Thank You very much Aleksey, for all of your great products, and

the generous gift of discounts !

Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas !

Thank you!

I'm not seeing the holiday discounts in the cart.

Regards, JD...

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