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Voxengo Transmodder

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This Plug in is great !!  Really helps to clear up some tracks, giving them more definition in the mix.

For 2 track purposes is just genious!


Reuven Amiel

Transmodder is one of those tools in audio recording that takes more than a bit of effort to get a grip on.  But man, there is some serious power in understanding how to use this plug-in.  I almost hope no one else figures it out so my mixes will sound that much better than theirs lol.
Jim Holland (SeaweedMusic)

I just bought this plugin, and have to say it's absolutely brilliant!

For years now, I have been using some plugins that came with my DAW, which I had become accustomed to.  I have always struggled to get my mixes to sound sufficiently loud without making them sound squashed.

As soon as I tried Elephant for the first time, I could hear the difference that this plugin could make to my work.  Elephant is truly amazing - it is incredibly transparent, and the metering and graphing options come in very handy too.

Thanks so much for such a great product!  I'd recommend Voxengo Elephant to anyone who needs super high quality buss compression.

hakimila (posted on Elephant forum)
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