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Voxengo r8brain PRO

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I'm a newbie to digital manipulation.  I took analog tape music in 4 channels (Crown CX844) recorded years ago.  These were put onto Alesis HD24XR at 88.2/24 bit for archiving.  We decided to burn the 4 channels onto CDs using SURCODE to encode to the fronts and surrounds.  I had to convert sample rate.  I played with the free version of r8brain.  Then decided, after input from Aleksey and Neil to get pro.  Very glad I did.  So easy to use.  Actually easier than free version.
Ivan Shapiro 4-ch-guy

In mastering work I often do (unscientific) blind testing where I'll A/B two files or settings (with my eyes closed) and see which I choose as better.  I did this with R8Brain PRO for some 48KHz to 44.1KHz conversions and easily and consistantly chose R8Brain over Wavelab's Crystal Resampler.  Just last night I stepped further to compare the R8Brain dither to UV22HR and was surprised to find I chose R8Brain Pro hands-down over UV22HR...  At least on that track I was working on, it was notably less cloudy.  You are making me look good...  I mean sound good!  Money very well spent.
Luke Gilfeather - www.TheMasteringStudio.com

I love the fact that Aleksey doesn't assume which platform his users are making music on.  Instead, he offers plugins for several platforms, including Vista x64, which is a big plus for me.  Thanks, Voxengo!
Ian Anderson
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