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Voxengo r8brain

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R8brain is the best rate converter I tried.  I found other professional programs always change sound, even making 44100 from 48000. r8brain - doesn't.  It saves the sound, harmonics, dymanics, even converting 96000 to 44100 the result we get is very close to original.  R8brain is just perfect, this tool is a must-have for any home and project studio.  And also it is free!

I Felt that Using Your Converter Was Very Helpful, And It has Aided My Music Production Experience.  Not Only Is It Easy to use it was simple and i had a good choice of what i wanted to do. so thank you for providing a free Studio Grade Audio Converter.  A Wonderful Product
DJ Mar "N" Dean

It is very hard to find something bad to say about your plugs.  You have helped me make giant leaps in terms of mastering.  As you know, I own most of your plugins and will continue to do so.
Patrick de Caumette
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