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Voxengo Elephant

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Hands down my favorite master bus plugin that I've ever used.  I use this for hip hop and dance and it brings new life to my rough ideas as well as final productions/mixes.  A must have!!!!!!
DJ Frank E

I downloaded the demo version of the Elephant limiter and immediately my mixes required less effort.  I suffer from the all too common ailment of having a hell of a time getting my mixes to sit in the upper and lower mids while still being punchy.  After demoing Elephant, I've realized that I've been wasting a LOT of time tweaking EQ plugins and other not so good mastering tools to get my mixes to translate.  After using the Elephant plugin on some "problem child" projects I had, they went from being a "maybe" to "Total Destruction Of The Universe."

Voxengo might as well be selling highly addictive illicit substances, because you're going to feel like a junkie when you've experienced this plugin.  You'lll want more and more...

R Kopald...

Dear Mr.  Vaneev,

I am using Your tools for professional CD productions, broadcast an TV, too.

And it is about time to say thank You!

I am enjoying to work with all Your plugins every day.

Nowadays we have many plugins being programmed to be used by non professionals, as long as they look good and have all kind of bullshit-addons to disturb studio computers from working smooth and efficiently.

I appreciate Your way of seeing the things from the point of music professionals and sound engineers in terms of quality, pricing, and handling parameters as it should be technical wise.  The optical appearance of the tools are made for an everyday use in industrial production.  Thanx a lot.

All the Best


Michael Schneider, TEControl, Germany
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