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Voxengo Elephant

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I have been using Voxengo tools in the mastering studio for as long as the studio has operated.  Unique tools that are designed for correcting real world problems at prices that suit wallets.  I am using Elephant, Warmifier and Soniformer here and whilst they are not used for every job they are a very important set of tools in my digital toolbox fitting in where other tools fail to meet the desired results.  The fact that every plug in has a free demo means you can assess the sound qualities in your own studio with your own music.  I always like to check back on the site to see if new innovative products have been developed.  Keep up the good work.
Mastering Engineer Barry Gardner SafeandSound online Mastering

Hey all..I just upgraded from the demo version of the Elephant mastering limiter, and I am impressed do far.  It's WAAY better than the mastering limiter that came standard with Sonar 8, that I've stopped using that one altogether except for extremely mild limiting cases.  The Elephant limiter is so much more musical sounding and punchy than my stock limiter that I can immediately hear a very noticeable difference.  Congratulations to Voxengo for pimping me out, because now I'm going to have to but some of their other plug ins too.
rkopald (posted on Elephant forum)

I am so thankful for the tools that you have made.  I am able to achieve control over sound that is simply impossible with "two-knob plugins." They certainly have their place, but I prefer to understand the character of different flavors of sound and mix/transform music with conscious intention, just as songwriters do so when creating their work initially.  Your tools enable me to express what I see/hear in my mind's eye/ ear.


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