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Voxengo Elephant

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I just want to comment on Voxengo products we use here in the studio.I would say lately they have been the "go-to" plugs we've been using.The Curve EQ,Soniformer,Elephant have replaced all the "big name-big price" plugs that keep getting all the talk.Extremely warm,versitile, and analog.The compliments I've been receiving have been satisfied clients and "How did you get that sound?" We are lucky to have a company and a creator
Steve Moore-Musician/Engineer-Too Fast Records

Voxengo Elephant is hands down my favorite limiter.  I own a lot of different limiters, and prior to purchasing Elephant, found myself having to test several per song in an attempt to find the one that did the least damage with its limited features and distinct characteristics.  Eventually I'd find something that worked OK but I never felt as satisfied with the sound as I do with Elephant.  I'm grateful to Aleksey for adding in a lot of important features, features that many others seem content on leaving out, and for giving us the ability to tinker around under the hood for more complex setups.  It can be a little daunting at first trying to understand what everything does, but with a little perseverance, it all begins to make sense and then you truly realize how powerful and flexible this limiter really is.  It excels at remaining transparent even at extreme levels and with a bit of fine tuning, is the best limiter I have in my arsenal for those clients looking for maximum level with as much of the transient clarity intact.  Of course there's a point where it all begins to fall apart, but Elephant has the ability to go farther than the rest.

I just want to say thank you for making amazing plugins.  All of your plugins sound great, are easy to use, and offer so many features providing ease of use, but also provide deep customization.  This is no small feat..especially coming from one person!

Thank you for your dedication to providing great sounding plugins.


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