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Voxengo Elephant

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We find our Voxengo plug-ins to be valuable additions to our collection.  They sound fantastic, use very little CPU power and cost next to nothing.

They hold there own next to many of our much more expensive (and 'famous') plugs.

Thanks guys!  Keep up the good work!
Julian Russell - Owner/Engineer - Magpie Sound Design

Hey Alexsey and Team,

I purchased Elephant yesterday, and mastered my first project with it today.  I just want to let you know what a pleasure it was using Elephant as my master limiter.  Previously a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the loudness processing of my tracks, but Elephant made it a breeze.

The control over the transient response is transcendental, and I know after one day that I could never live without it.

It's not until you've done it the hard way that you really appreciate the kind of programming that makes a plugin incredible.  This plugin is incredible.

Jon Törnblom, Transparent Mastering

I am so thankful for the tools that you have made.  I am able to achieve control over sound that is simply impossible with "two-knob plugins." They certainly have their place, but I prefer to understand the character of different flavors of sound and mix/transform music with conscious intention, just as songwriters do so when creating their work initially.  Your tools enable me to express what I see/hear in my mind's eye/ ear.


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