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Quite simply, Elephant 3 is the best limiter I have ever heard - vastly outperforming my current one in terms of transparency (I'd better not say which one it is - but it costs a lot more than Elephant!)

It has so many excellent features which make it very easy to tailor the perfect sound for my masters.  And yet, despite having so many variables, the clear layout, innovative metering graphs and incredibly well designed preset modes make it an absolute joy to use straight away.

The only downside is that now - I'm redoing the last CD I mastered.  Not because my client was unhappy, but because I know it will sound SO much better with an Elephant sat on it.  Thanks very much to Aleksey and his team for this marvelous piece of software.

Hue Jah Fink? - Mastering Engineer, and Creative Director at BinaryFeedback.com

I'm a music producer from new york.i always master my tracks at the studio with hardware.But When it's time to make the final mix/master and digitally edit the final track.

I only Use the best of the Best.And let me tell you.Since i started Using the Voxengo Mastering Plugins.My Tracks Just Keep Sounding Better/crispy And The Final Results Are Just Amazing.

When Mastering my Music At The Ny Studio.I used the "Voxengo HarmoniEQ" To make the track more superior and to boost out some hidden KHZ for really stunnin results.

i only used the best mastering plugins.and by that i mean "voxengo Mastering Vst plugins"...

Alberto Ramirez

I wanted to reply and let you know how much I enjoy using your products.  I run a small, professional studio in San Diego, CA and own a large plug-in library.  Voxengo products hold their own against their Waves counterparts and are always a part of the process here.  Keep up the great work, it is sincerely special in an industry inundated with garbage.


David Hillshafer
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