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Voxengo Elephant

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Hands down my favorite master bus plugin that I've ever used.  I use this for hip hop and dance and it brings new life to my rough ideas as well as final productions/mixes.  A must have!!!!!!
DJ Frank E

Quite simply, Elephant 3 is the best limiter I have ever heard - vastly outperforming my current one in terms of transparency (I'd better not say which one it is - but it costs a lot more than Elephant!)
It has so many excellent features which make it very easy to tailor the perfect sound for my masters.  And yet, despite having so many variables, the clear layout, innovative metering graphs and incredibly well designed preset modes make it an absolute joy to use straight away.
The only downside is that now - I'm redoing the last CD I mastered.  Not because my client was unhappy, but because I know it will sound SO much better with an Elephant sat on it.  Thanks very much to Aleksey and his team for this marvelous piece of software.
Hue Jah Fink? - Mastering Engineer, and Creative Director at

Just wishing Voxengo happy holidays.  Also I can not thank you enough for the free DLs, friends & clients are blown away from the quality of my mixes.  I am definately going to purchase all of the products I need from Voxengo in the future.  Happy holidays from Joe at Big Dummy Recording
Joe Renna Big Dummy Recording


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