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Voxengo Elephant

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I consider the Voxengo Elephant Limiter to be the most smooth, natural sounding limiter anywhere.  It performs circles around Waves L2 which everyone seems to be using just because everyone else has it.  The results from Elephant speak for themselves.

Outstanding!  Nothing more, nothing less.
Never found nothing like it out there.
Can compete with any plugin that exist on the market.
Rogério Carvalho

After purchasing your mixing and mastering tools, and others.  My product has improved significantly.  I was having trouble getting airplay before because of sonic reasons.  As stated in previous correspondence if has been a financial hardship but the rewards are starting to pay off, perhaps because I own them I have a little more pride in my work.  After a couple more purchases I will be using Voxengo exclusively.
Tyler Patterson


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