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I've been using L1, L2 and then the "mighty" L3 Multi at the end of countless chains for countless projects- from the modest sound-byte, the neato car commercial, the ending credits for a movie, etc...anywho, I have done a lot of "finishing" work for all sorts of music/sound related stuff.  I thought I was good and then: enter Elephant- holy crap, it looks cheap but whatever, it delivers the goods and imo should be making the people at waves and digi have some sleepless nights.  I've recorded countless songs in my own studio and have been recorded myself at some pretty big name places with some big-shot producers, you know the type, they have a closet full of vintage u-47's and will not shut up about their studer 2 inch 16track machines (I know, I love them too!)- even though secretly they have like, 10 macs with a million gigs of ram and eat EWQL's 165 gigabyte orch samples for breakfast---point being, I got into this world first through Bach than punk and jazz and so forth and was always a super sound freak as well as a computer dork.  I know what sounds good and what sounds great- and I gotta say, Elephant is actually the best software of it's kind I have come across bar-none.  End of discussion.  I've had masters done by many people and places including the venerable abbey road and well, I must say that Elephant can hang with the best of them.  I can't wait to get some of Voxengo's other plugs 'cause if they are of Elephant quality, well then- my 6000$ Waves Bundle may find it's way into the trashcan some time in the near future.  You guy's are great!  In this world of endless terrible garageband/reason one click music, it's really refreshing to come across a plug that actually does have "Sound with a Soul".  Excellent work.
Drea Tero Fields

I've used/designed/studied limiters for years.  This is a remaining "black art" in audio.  Its easy to make a limiter to contain peak levels as long as you don't care how it smashes transients.  Its easy to design a limiter that pretty much preserves transients if you don't care about perceived loudness.  A limiter with "hot" output which still preserves the transients is unusual.  Elephant does this better than any limiter I've ever encountered at any price.  People are suspicious of low-priced products, usually for a good reason.  In this case, don't be.  Check this limiter out!  I don't know all the magic behind this one but its real.  Again, best limiter I've ever heard.
Bill Thompson, Ashly Audio Inc.

This last week, I upgraded one of my computers from Windows XP to Win7.  I did this by completely reformatting my partition, and installing everything from scratch.

When it came time to install and authorize all my Voxengo plugs, I was delighted to find something no regular user encounters on a day to day basis - that there is a means to authorize all my licensed Voxengos in a single action.  That is some very clever and very considerate programming, and greatly appreciated by someone faced with the tedious task of installing and authorizing dozens of programs and plugins.

Voxengo plugins are an integral part of my working process now, and just about everything I turn out has been touched in one way or another by your work.  Thanks very much for the great sound, and the little touches that are the product of great programming.

Frank Lockwood
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