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Voxengo Elephant

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Elephant is my loudness limiter of choice.  What it does to my mixes is truly astounding!  I would have paid 4 times the amount for this plug in.  Looking at the big picture, Elephant makes more of an impact on my mixes than any microphone or preamp.  Its the only plug in that I absolutely can't live without.  I was using PSP Vintage Warmer and Mastercomp, but once I experienced Elephant's transparency, I was hooked.  This is the only plugin that I consistently recommend.  Buy it now!
Jon Moore

I'm a mastering engineer and I review plug-ins for the leading Dutch musicians's magazine Music Maker.  Voxengo Elephant was the first plug-in I bought right after reviewing it because of it's direct, yet warm & transparent sound.  The different limiter modes help to get the best out of every mix, no matter the sound.  It is way better than some very expensive limiters I own.  You simply get more level without squashing.
Jeroen Schilder

I am so thankful for the tools that you have made.  I am able to achieve control over sound that is simply impossible with "two-knob plugins." They certainly have their place, but I prefer to understand the character of different flavors of sound and mix/transform music with conscious intention, just as songwriters do so when creating their work initially.  Your tools enable me to express what I see/hear in my mind's eye/ ear.


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