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Voxengo CurveEQ

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I've been using Voxengo products since day one and have always been impressed with their quality not even considering the price.  The action of the SPAN meter is the best in the industry and it's the #1 plugin I recommend to all my students and clients to get a better understanding of their mix.  Thank you to the Voxengo team for providing such great tools.

When you spend so much time and energy with your ears, brain, and soul in the project your working on, CurveEQ becomes your friend, co-producer, and savior.  The "Capture/Match" feature not only simplifies the task of establishing your "sound" ,it also keeps you from wandering off and losing your place with the gradual tweak here and there until all the mid-range is gone and your mix sounds like a cheap car stereo.  I even use it to duplicate the eq of a bass or vocal track from one song to others.  Aleksey is truly a most patient, generous, and BRILLIANT individual who I trust will continue to bring us even more excellent tools in the cause of audio sculpting.
James Cobb - musician, composer, producer

I love the fact that Aleksey doesn't assume which platform his users are making music on.  Instead, he offers plugins for several platforms, including Vista x64, which is a big plus for me.  Thanks, Voxengo!
Ian Anderson


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