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Voxengo Group Buys web site infrastructure launched - Press Release


Oct 15, 2012: Voxengo is happy to announce the launch of the group buys infrastructure on its web site (requires user login):

On this page you can participate in Voxengo product group buys.

Before a group buy for a given Voxengo product is initiated it should first collect a certain number of initial votes in the recent 20-day period, so for a group buy to be initiated there should be a high level of public interest available.  The initiated group buy then lasts 15 days or until it reaches the maximal 50% discount.  Each initiated group buy guarantees at least 10% discount upon its finish.  You can recall your current vote at any time.  Your vote does not construe obligation to purchase the product.

Voxengo group buys are fully automated and their outcome solely depends on its participants' social activity.  The more votes a group buy collects the higher discount is reached during the 15-day voting period.  So, if you are in, it is advised that you also invite your colleagues and friends via e-mails, forums, social networks, etc.

Once a group buy finishes, a special discount will be offered to all purchasers of the product during the 7-day period following group buy's finish date.  Group buy's start and finish conditions are checked once a day.

Note that voting requirements and discount parameters may change in the future, but for newly-started group buys only.

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