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About Voxengo

Voxengo is a registered trademark privately owned by Aleksey Vaneev (born on December 31st, 1979 in Syktyvkar city of Komi Republic, Russia), a resident of Russian Federation.  Voxengo was started as a full-time commercial endeavor in December, 2002 after the release of its first successful equalizer plug-in - CurveEQ.  More than 40 commercial and freeware plug-ins were released since that time under Voxengo brand.  During these years Voxengo plug-ins were downloaded by millions of users worldwide.  Registered users are located in more than 50 countries.

Graphical user interface of the current generation of Voxengo plug-ins and this web site were programmed by Vladimir Stolypko.

Current Voxengo logo was designed by Anders Hedström (Sweden).

Registered address is available upon request.
For your accounting and legal needs please use 2CheckOut, Inc's address, because sales are made between you and 2CheckOut, Inc:

Aleksey Vaneev's Photo
Aleksey Vaneev in 2016

A collection of A.Vaneev's tunes, composed in the years 1997-2000: SoundCloud

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