How to install Voxengo Recorder

Download types

VST for Win32 (Win VST) — VST plugin for 32-bit Windows and 32-bit audio host applications running on 64-bit Windows. This download requires a VST-compatible audio host application to run.


In order to install this product you will need to download its corresponding setup archive to the computer you are planning to use this product on.  After download is complete you should unpack ZIP file you have downloaded into VstPlugins folder - the one which is connected with audio application you use and where this application expects VST plug-ins to reside (it is also suggested to create 'Voxengo' subfolder there, and unpack archive there instead of the main VstPlugins folder).  After this has been done you will need to order your audio application to rescan plug-ins, or if that option is unavailable you will need to re-start this application.