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Voxengo CRTIV Shumovick

Noise Generator Plugin

User Guide (PDF): English
Primary User Guide (PDF): English, Français, Deutsch

Voxengo VSTs have become such a critical part of my mixing environment that I will never have a mix on my computer without them!!!

Aboslutely incredible how these VSTs mimic the sonic purity of the greatest analog gear ever invented...

Voxengo VSTs are the answer for any lacking mix.  If you are not using these plugins, then you are missing out on the best sounding products available in VST format, bar none!!!

Todd Mark Rubenstein, Grammy Nominated, Platinum Awarded, Billboard Top Ten Record Producer

You've been doing a lot of work, keeping my purchases viable and up to date, and I'd like to say, "Thanks very much!".
Frank Lockwood

You´ve got great plugins.  Smart, good looking, sophistique, clear to use, low CPU...etc. but first of all - they got unique style.  Dont´start "copy" any classic effects, tape machines, or just anything.  Just keep your own style and way to make plugins, there is so many copymakers in the business...

All the best for the New Year 2018!


Anthony Brantberg, Finland - Freshmaker Roots Music Mastering
Tony Vincent (Tony Vincent Productions, SoundShop370)
Recording Artist, Actor, Producer (New York City, USA)
RENT (Broadway), Jesus Christ Superstar, Green Day's American Idiot, Queen's We Will Rock You
I absolutely adore ELEPHANT.  I use this as the last component on my MasterBus and am always thrilled at the sound—and how many options (and visual information) this plugin has!  Also, I don’t recall when I haven’t utilized DRUM DYNAMICS on my mixes.  It has so many features—so many sonic options—with a very clean and user-friendly GUI.  A must-have plugin for me!
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