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UC Browser - replace your default browser with this “super” browser on Android!

One of the reasons why we like the Android mobile operating system is the free choice of applications.  If necessary, you can open something in a third-party program or assign it to perform this action on an ongoing basis.  This also applies to the browser, so that each user has a choice between Chrome, other pre-installed browsers or third-party products.  Today we introduce to you the third type, and we consider the UC Browser from UCWeb Inc, part of the Alibaba Mobile Business Group, to be the most convenient to use.  Let’s go through our article in details to understand why you should download the fastest Android browsers that protect your privacy right now!

A few first words

UC Browser does not need special reviews.  This browser has been known to users for many years and ranks first in popularity among all third-party browsers.  In other words, it already managed to win the sympathy of people around the world.  But UCWeb Inc does not stand still and constantly implements all the new functions for users, so almost every major update of UC Browser deserves the attention of those who still for some reason have not installed it.  The development of UC Browser looks like developers are trying to conquer the entire market of mobile browsers and generally do not leave chances for competitors.

About the app

If we talk in general about UC Browser, this browser has a nice interface, a convenient and functional download manager, cloud synchronization of data is available to users, there is a night mode for reading in the dark and a theme.  Also worth noting is a convenient page of top sites for quick access to the most popular resources, the ability to download videos directly for later offline, advanced viewing of images and many other pleasant things that increase the usability of the browser. 

As a result, UC Browser is one of the most convenient and functional applications in its class.  Currently, the UC Browser version relevant for Android users is 10.9.  The browser uses an advanced ad blocker, a cloud platform to save mobile traffic, and support for the 64-bit ARM architecture and Android 6.0 has also appeared. 

By the way, another feature of UC Browser is that it impresses with the development of developers in different countries and an understanding of user preferences, the ability to block ads that interfere, and also quickly load sites in places where the mobile Internet is far from ideal.

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Functions and features

Ad blocking technology from UCWeb Inc. removes annoying banners from sites, which allows reducing traffic and expenses for mobile Internet, as well as speeding up work.  What is important, if for some reason the system has not blocked the banner disturbing the user, it is possible to indicate advertisements that you no longer want to see independently.  In the future, this should improve the accuracy of advertising detection and minimize the number of errors.  And, if you're interested, you can see in the address bar of the browser how many advertisements were “cut off” for UC Browser users and how much traffic was saved. 

However, the built-in Adblock is not only about reducing traffic but also increasing safety and convenience.  For example, this technology allows you to view videos on some sites where a pop-up window completely closes or where mandatory pre-roll viewing is forcibly turned on.  The blocker also protects against viruses and trojans, blocks phishing sites, adult content and prohibited resources such as pyramid schemes and gambling.

Also, those who recently started to use UC Browser for computers can synchronize their tabs, bookmarks and other data with the mobile version.  Accordingly, synchronization works between several mobile devices - UC Browser, besides Android, is also present on Windows Phone and iOS.  Tabs are synchronized to the exact position of the page.  For example, if you began to read a long article on a computer, then left the house and wanted to continue reading it on your smartphone, you will start right where you left.

If, however, saving traffic by hiding unnecessary banners is not enough to increase speed (for example, the mobile Internet does not work well), UC Browser 10.9 has a Turbo mode to speed up page loading.  The updated traffic saving tool is now based on cloud technology and turns on automatically as soon as the browser “detects” a slow connection.  In this case, the site data is cached in the nearest north, then the images from the site are optimized, and only after that, the data is sent to the user's device. 

From UCWeb Inc. this is a rather complicated process because traffic must be quickly passed through an intermediate server, a balance between image quality and size should be found, graphics on the site should be facilitated and, as soon as possible, after all these operations, the user should deliver the modified page.  You don’t necessarily have to think about which sites are allowed to appear in an optimized form to appear on the smartphone screen.  This feature just works and speeds up page loading with slow mobile internet.

Wrapping it up!

We hope that after reading our article, you are feeling confident to try out this awesome app.  It has proven it’s worth as it has more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store!

Overall, UC Browser is an excellent replacement for any web browser pre-installed on an Android mobile device that can compete on equal terms with the top three in the face of Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera Mini, and in some moments it can give these programs a significant edge. 

UC Browser for Android is a modern solution with a bunch of unique features and capabilities that are often not found anywhere else.  So what are you waiting for?  If you don’t have this browser on your phone, then visit our store, download it and give this browser a try.  Who knows?  You might like it and continue to use it from now on!  And if you liked our article, feel free to share it with friends and family and don't forget to download Uc Browser Apk at

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