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i have elephant v4.1 installed & im having a few issues even though it's a paid version it keeps reverting back to demo mode

ive tried to downloaded version 4.5 to install but for some reason i don't see any install files

is version 4.5 a free update from v4.1

sorry im abit confused here

Make sure you've downloaded v4 - you can download it via the User Area.  Then make sure you are authorizing the plugin with the correct key - version 4 product key.


i authorized elephant but then it reverted back to the demo version again it's done this lots of times & ive been meaning to get it sorted

is there a free update available

You probably have two versions installed at the same time - make sure you have uninstalled a previous version.  You can uninstall Elephant, and search for possible file remains, then install Elephant 4 again after downloading it via the User Area.

You already have Elephant 4 license, you do not need an update.

Aha !!!

correct i have the old version installed aswell as the new version

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