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Not sure where to post this question....  Please move if necessary.

Does Voxengo have a VST plugin (a compressor that could use the narration track as a trigger) that would duck the audio in the other channel? (I'm working with Soundforge, two mono tracks.) If so, what product is it and is there an example or instructions showing how to do the ducking?  Thanks!

You may try Marquis Compressor - it may be a bit tricky at first, as you have to setup key signal source in routing and use "ext" key filter.

Thank you!  I'll give it a try.  Given all of the voice overs done today, wonder why no one has created a tool expressly designed for the job?

Ducking is a pretty standard feature of most compressors on the market.  It's also called "side chaining".

Thank you Aleksey!  I am a novice in the audio universe.  I love Elephant!  I will be back. :)
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