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Hi Alexey, long time since writing here, but keeping up with your plugins.

I tried downloading the current 1.1 version of Spatifier, but Norton Security operating on Windows 10 immediately removed and quarantined it.  Other plugins just now downloaded fine.

Part of what Norton says is unusual.  It's normal to have a WS.Reputation.1 Threat identification - this often happens on new downloads just because they're unknown.

But the rest Norton says is not usual.  It states Insight Network Threat, apparently meaning other people running Norton have had trouble, and then it states 'There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy, and therefore not safe.'

That English is not 'trustworthily' clear, but their opinion seems to be.

I presume you'll want to look into this.

Thanks for letting me know.  This issue can't be solved by us.  Please report this false positive to Norton AV staff.  I had a similar situation with Dr.Web antivirus which I use regularly - it flagged plugin's interface image data as a threat, I've reported this problem and in the next antivirus update the problem was gone.

Most welcome.  I submitted the Spatifier installer, after some difficulty getting it out of the norton Quarantine.  With Norton, there is always difficulty, and also with their submission website, but I got it in with a properly worded description which included your text above explaining Dr.  Web's problem.

I referred to your reputation and my experience with you, along with many others, and asked that they clear this product -- unless they find something, which I highly doubt, but is good to say.

I of course tested the voxengospatifier_11_win32_64_vst_vst3_setup.exe as soon as I got it out of Quarantine, and it is fine by both latest Norton Security virus scan and latest Malwarebytes.  It is only their 'reputation' system that has a problem, and I notice that the complaint message is much softer when you test online instead of by the in-computer test.  Interesting.

From the submission form, it looks like you also can request clearing, as it gives a checkmark whether you are the producer.

Thanks, Alexsey,

p.s.  I got a machine confirm that they received the file and explanation.  They say they endeavor for a 2-day investigation turnaround.  I'll let you know if I get anything useful from them, and of course I offered them further help if anything I can do.

Thank you for submitting for clearing!

Welcome again!  And, best news.

Before yesterday was over (well, musician's late hours ;) ), Symantec had emailed me that they agreed there was no problem at all with Spatifier, a false positive -- I think maybe the reference to the Dr.  Web error helped -- and that they had corrected their database.

And, after updating Norton's caches, this morning Spatifier's installer indicated just fine, along with their actual 6-month history of people using it..

I installed, and have tried it out on a not-so-well-channelled, too-mono stage set live recording, with some quite nice results..

This is a very interesting plugin, Alexey, and with the authority to fully control dry-wet it has in addition to closeness and shaping variations.

Among other uses, I think can be very effective in a toolkit to make those nice results from what is imperfectly captured, along with others like GlissEQ, adding to the 'life' of sound.

Thank you again, for your approaches, for quality, and with all encouragement!


Thank you!
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