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I'm in dire straights.  I've changed computer platforms and DAWs (to Pro Tools 10) and really miss the SPAN plugin ever since the mastering engineer Ian Shepherd showed me how to use it.  I bought the Fxspansion wrapper program but it only crashes my Pro Tools 10 system.

I'm sure if you got a petition going of users of your plugins to show Avid you're serious they would allow you into their RTAS SDK to develop for the RTAS format.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Ramey

Thanks for the interest, I have AAX SDK.  Issue I'm having is that ProTools 11 works instably on my Windows 7 computer.  ProTools 10 was also a no go, I have no idea what's wrong.

FXPansions VST->RTAS Adapter wrapper works for every Voxengo plugin I have tried using in PTools.

AAX support... :)

(yes I know, pain in the ass)

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