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Do you plan to offer possibility to put the licencing on iLok key?

I know that it is not "liked" by everyone, but for people like me using multiple machines, it is very practical.  Of course, I don't need iLok system if I can have multiple instances running on different machines.

I know that it is not very difficult to implement and that iLok can only be an optionnal feature for customers.



iLok licensing support is not planned.  We plan to implement an option of automatic key download from the server.  Our licensing agreement allows you to use our software on several computers.

Ok, thanks for your quick answer.  Whatever, your plugins sounds good as hell, so I will buy them soon :)

Personally...I just can't imagine *anyone* actually *requesting* that their software be hampered with a dongle...or license server...or anything else that seems to be engineered to eventually fail.

With an iLok key you don't have to think about licencing anymore, you just put your licence on it one time, and that's it.
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