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Hi, I just ordered 3 plugins.  In the ordering process there were two buttons to checkout.  One using credit card and one using paypal.  I made some effort to register my credit card on paypal etc, but after I went with the paypal ordering, it insisted to punch my creditcard.  I cancelled the order just to give it another try and watch carefully, but after paypal checkout there was only credit card option.  I don't like giving creditcard info away, even if its Voxengo, but I made an exception this time.

Anyone experiencing this ?

(I search the forum for "paypal" but with no results).

Kind regards from Stian

When you give credit card details to PayPal or pay via PayPal's portal, only PayPal sees it, 2CheckOut does not see it.  Also, we at Voxengo do not receive any credit card details in any case.
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